Mobility.E Lighthouse Virtual Symposium -17 June 2021

02 Jun 2021

Mobility.E virtual symposium – Collaboration for Electric, Connected and Automated Mobility

Electrification and automation are reshaping mobility and the traditional automotive-focused value chain. Tackling associated challenges and accelerating progress toward widespread availability and adoption of new, sustainable and inclusive mobility solutions requires both a continuous prioritisation of technical research topics and extensive networking between a progressively diverse stakeholder group. Thus, the Mobility.E Lighthouse, a networking and collaboration platform of the ECSEL JU serves to connect stakeholders along and beyond the value chain, bringing together the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) and application side as well as non-technical experts to ensure European competitiveness for Electric, Connected and Automated (ECA) mobility.

The COSMOS project supports the Mobility.E Lighthouse with the continuous identification and prioritisation of technical and non-technical research topics within a strategy development process and regular events for expert consultation and networking. In 2021 the Mobility.E Virtual Symposium picks up the conversation from the latest edition of the ECA2030 conference series (October 2020), by presenting new results from research topic prioritisation alongside an action plan for accelerated ECA deployment for discussion among the entire community. Furthermore, next steps and modes of collaboration between the different partnerships of the new EU framework programme will also be discussed by stakeholders from different stages of the value chain as well as experts from other sectors. Through the coordination of European efforts and the exploitation of (cross-sector) synergies it is ensured that newly developed mobility solutions cater to the needs of all end-users and society as a whole by establishing a sustainable mobility system, unlocking the benefits of connectivity, electrification and automation.

The Mobility.E Virtual Symposium on June 17th, 2021 will feature:

  • Keynotes from policy makers, stakeholders along the automotive value chain and non-technical experts
  • Presentation of Lighthouse projects
  • Discussion of research priorities and actions to accelerate ECA deployment

Join the discussion with technical and non-technical ECA stakeholders!

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