ECSEL Project HiPERFORM Webinar Series

31 Mar 2021

HiPERFORMSince quite some while, electric mobility is discussed as an enabler for green mobility and an urgently needed reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport sector. In the last two to three years, the shift towards electromobility has accelerated significantly. However, today’s technology still limits driving ranges and prices of electric cars are higher than those of conventional vehicles. Research is therefore focusing on innovative technologies to remove the limitations and enable electric mobility for a wide range of customers.

A promising approach is the application of wide band gap semiconductors in automotive applications. They help to enable highly efficient power electronics for electric cars and thus increase the range. ECSEL JU project HiPERFORM develops wide band gap semiconductors for use in automotive applications such as inverters, charging and testing solutions.
In HiPERFORM, 31 partners from 8 European countries are collaborating since May 2018. Meanwhile significant advances were made in GaN production processes (e.g., breakdown voltages as high as 1.2 kV for GaN buffer layers) as well as newly developed WBG devices are ready for application:

• GaN switches at 100, 200 and 650 V, and
• SiC based power modules at 1200 V

Key topics include:

− Innovative substrates for GaN
− SiC automotive inverter
− WBG off- and on-board charger
− E-mobility test systems
− Wide band gap automotive inverter

This webinar series gives insight into the development of the project, especially the application in the automotive domain. The first part will focus on new GaN production processes and the achieved advan-ces. Secondly, highly innovative inverter concepts based on double side cooled SiC power modules will be presented. The third webinar will focus on the application of WBG semiconductors in charging appli-cations: on- and off-board. Essential for the development of EVs are also according testing solutions which will be highlighted in webinar number four. The last webinar will demonstrate an integrated vehic-le, having a WBG powered drivetrain for dual in-wheel motors.

Watch the webinars and check out the advances. More information here.