Draft proposal of the European Partnership for Key Digital Technologies (KDT)

21 Jan 2021

European Partnership under Horizon Europe Key Digital Technologies: stable draft of the Partnership proposal.   

In autumn 2019 the Commission services asked potential partners to further elaborate proposals for the candidate European Partnerships. These proposals have been developed by potential partners. The Commission Services have guided revisions.

  • This document is a stable draft of the partnership proposal
  • In the next steps of preparations, the Commission Services will further assess these proposals. Key precondition is the existence of an agreed Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda / Roadmap. The launch of a Partnership is also conditional to partners signing up to final, commonly agreed objectives and committing the resources and investments needed from their side to achieve them.
  • Aspects related to implementation, programme design, monitoring and evaluation system will be streamlined and harmonised at a later stage across initiatives to ensure compliance with the implementation criteria, comparability across initiatives and to simplify the overall landscape

Electronic and photonic (light based technologies) components, and the software that defines how they work as part of a system, are the Key Digital Technologies. The overarching objective of the KDT partnership is to support the digital transformation of all sectors of the economy and society, make it work for Europe and address the European Green Deal.

By 2030, EU leadership in KDT will reinforce industrial strongholds having seized emerging opportunities to establish technological sovereignty and boost competitiveness.

Lead entities:

  • Caroline Bedran, AENEAS, bedran@aeneas-office.org
  • Jan Lohstroh, ARTEMIS-IA,  jan.lohstroh@artemis-ia.eu
  • Wolfgang Gessner, EPoSS, contact@smart-systems-integration.org
  • Commission services: Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect)
  • Directorate A, Unit A3 (CNECT-A3@ec.europa.eu) Partnership sector in DG R&I (overall policy approach for European Partnerships and its coherent application across initiatives), E-mail: RTD-EUROPEAN-PARTNERSHIPS@ec.europa.e