New 2021 ECS SRIA draft version available

20 Nov 2020

ECS-SRIA 2021The new ECS SRIA 2021 draft version is now available online for your feedback.

The three industry associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS have joined forces to federate actors along the entire value chain to produce this SRIA while gathering more than 250 experts from across Europe.

Four key digital technologies describing the foundational technology layers and four cross-sectional technologies focusing on transversal areas of ECS scientific research and engineering are covered. The innovations generated by these interdisciplinary cross-sectional technologies further fertilize the foundational layers, creating a necessary virtuous cycle that amplifies the effects of innovation and injects them into the key ECS application domains.

EFECS 2020 attendees are invited to provide feedback during the SRIA worshops or before 14 December to

In this new edition, we start the ECS-SRIA with a focus on Foundational Technology Layers(Chapter 1) and their technical challenges along the technology stack from materials and process technologies to components, modules and their integration into electronic systems, embedded software developments and software technologies, to full systems and System of Systems.

They are complemented by a Cross-Sectional Technology chapter (Chapter 2) that focuses on transversal areas of scientific research and engineering where innovative results emerge from the joint contribution of the foundational layers to those specific areas. Artificial Intel-ligence, Edge Computing and Advanced Control now have their own chapter, as does Connectivity (5G/6G), Architecture and Design, and Quality, Reliability, Safety and Cybersecurity.

In Chapter3, for six ECS Key Application Areas, the challenges arising from specific application domains are described and the R&D&I efforts required by these application domains identified. For the first time, we have now a whole section on Agrifood and Natural Resources.

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