Penta Project MuSiC video is now online

16 Oct 2020

Cybercriminality will affect many of us in our everyday life. Our increasing use of connected devices, estimated at 21 billion by 2020, create “backdoors” for hackers and cybercriminals.

Have you ever faced an interruption of digital services?

As we increasingly digitally interact with the environment that we live and work in …. think mobile applications, “Smart” cities etc …. it is essential to provide scalable and certifiable security to this diversity of connected devices.

The European electronics industry is at the forefront of safety and cybersecurity. When people as well as companies feel secure in the digital environment, they can take full advantage of Europe’s digital economy.

This is why leading small medium and large enterprises and research institutes are working together in the MuSiC project to develop an affordable, low power, highly secure platform that secures against any threats related to applications, operating systems, networks and the Web.

The project will create a demonstrator to be used in smart cities: embedding additional, highly secure, services in networked street lights; such as traffic monitoring, parking management or air quality monitoring for the benefit of city residents. In addition, a secure capability for network communications for situations involving the provision of Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) services and applications will be demonstrated. This, and much more, is all being made possible through the MuSiC project and its partners, catalysed by the EUREKA PENTA programme.

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