Call for AENEAS TEG candidates

09 Oct 2020

On an annual basis, we carry out an assessment of TEG capabilities, to ensure that we have, in a controlled group size, all the in-depth knowledge required to perform the TEG duties. Additional expertise across all domains covered by the Electronic Components and Systems Strategic Research Agenda is welcome, with a special emphasis in the following topics:

“Computing and Storage”, with focus on Artificial Intelligence; “Systems and Components: Architecture, Design and Integration”; “Safety, Security and Reliability”, and more specifically the security aspects; “Process Technology, Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing for ECS”.

Given the need for additional expertise in the above-mentioned domains, together with the departure of some members, we are launching a request for candidates to participate in the TEG. The proposer is requested to fill in the attached form and submit it to Patrick Cogez ( no later than the 15th of November 2020. Applicants will be assessed, and recommendations made for decision at the AENEAS Management Committee meeting on the 15th of December 2020.

More on the Refresh of the AENEAS Technical Expert Group: here

Nomination form for AENEAS Members: here