2021 EURIPIDES² and Penta Calls

04 Sep 2020

Learn more about the impact EUREKA Network clusters EURIPIDES² and Penta have had through Calls for projects along the entire ECS value chain by watching the new video here.

These two EUREKA-funded clusters PENTA and EURIPIDES² are again this year joining forces to propose a 2021 Call. This contributes towards a simplification of the funding landscape and brings a wider range of countries and partners together. PENTA addresses the whole electronics value chain from design, through device
manufacture to applications. EURIPIDES² focusses on electronic systems, integration, packaging and reliability. PENTA and EURIPIDES² support projects along the Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) value chain and focus on building collaborative ecosystems and facilitating access to funding.

PENTA and EURIPIDES² are open to all organisations of all types in the ECS Community that drive innovation in microand nanoelectronics enabled systems and applications.

You can also find out more about the 2021 EURIPIDES² and PENTA Call on the PENTA website.