Public consultation results on the White Paper on AI

20 Jul 2020

From 19 February to 14 June 2020, ran the public consultation on the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence. This summary report takes stock of the contributions and presents trends that emerge from them, focusing on quantitative aspects. Over 1250 replies were received via the procedures foreseen in the consultation, including survey submissions and standalone position papers.

Download the consultation summary report here.

Download the full contributions including AENEAS participation.

See the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – A European Approach

Preliminary findings of the public consultation

  • The actions that the White Paper proposes to build an ecosystem of excellence in Europe were considered important and highly important by the majority of respondents
  •  Skills were rated as the most important action; 90% of respondents found this (very) important.The support of research and innovation communities and coordination with Member States (with the revision of the coordinated plan on AI) follow with percentages of 88% and 87% respectively.72% of respondents believe thatpublic private partnerships (PPPs) and thepublic sector are (very) important for the wider uptake ofAI in Europe. Finally, 69% of respondents believe that a special focus should be placed onsmalland medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
  •  Strengthening excellence in research (89%1) and developing AI skills through adapted training programmes (86%) were considered as the two areas that can mostly benefit from a coordinated approach by the EU and the Member States. Infrastructures such as world-reference testing facilities (76%) and European data spaces (75%) were also considered as (very) important by most respondents.

What’s next?

This online consultation is part of a broader stakeholder consultation process that will contribute to the preparation of various regulatory options. Following an in depth analysis of the consultation results as well as a detailed impact assessment, aregulatory proposal will be presented.