ECSEL JU Symposium 2020 reimagined

30 Jun 2020

The ECSEL JU Symposium took place online on 24th June 2020 with over 450 European stakeholders, decision makers,  industry,  research and banking group representatives gathering virtually to discuss  what ECS can do in assuring post-pandemic recovery.

Moderated by the ECSEL JU’s Executive Director Bert de Colvenaer, the two-session event started with an inspiring speech by European Commissioner Thierry Breton, followed by a keynote speech by Ms Maria da Graça Carvalho, Member of European Parliament.

The first session of the Symposium focused on the new post-COVID-19 challenges for Europe and its ECS industry, including the European Green Deal while the second session was centred around re-building and strengthening European Digital Competences, and the need for a European partnership on Key Digital Technologies.

The event was concluded by a remarkable speech by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Research & Innovation and the important closing speech was given by a well-known figure in ECSEL JU community, Ms Sabine Herlitschka, the Chair of the ECSEL JU Governing Board, as well as a CEO and a CTO of Infineon Technologies Austria.

A significant joint public-private investment is needed to accelerate economic recovery and sustainability while securing prioritization, synergies and alignment of policies and strategies at European, National and Regional level. A joint undertaking on KDT offers the instrument for securing global leadership, technology independence and digital sovereignty across many fields (including health), enabling creation of growth, jobs and additional economic opportunities at all levels within the EU.