ECSEL JU-IMI Joint Activity Call Information Session

08 Jun 2020

Call Information Session on 18 June-10:00- 12:00


An information session on the Call, related to the cooperation with the IMI JU on next generation of digital technologies for decentralised remote clinical trials, will take place on 18th June from 10:00 until roughly 12:00 via an on-line conferencing connection.

The agenda includes call details by the ECSEL JU office (with Q&A), information about the “Trials@Home” initiative and short pitches by interested project proposal candidates.

Participation in this on-line event is free of charge but registration is mandatory as to send to you the necessary links for you to attend

For more information and registration, please click here.

 ECSEL JU-IMI Joint Activity Call Information

The ECSEL-2020-3-RIA-IMI-ECSEL-joint-activity Call call will focus on the new generation digital technologies for clinical trials at home.

The topic of the call is “Next Generation Digital Technologies for Remote Decentralised Clinical Trials (RDCTs)”. RDCTs represent a novel approach to operational clinical trials, which will move the key research activities away from typical clinical trial sites (e.g. hospitals and clinics) and closer to the study participant, for example via the use of home health nursing or telemedicine solutions.

The proposals submitted to this call should deliver Next Generation Digital Technologies for RDCTs, that complement to or extent on the technology scan activity of the running IMI JU project “Trials@Home”that will identify barriers, enablers and data management for the RDCTs.

To differentiate from the many “patch project” and initiatives that have already been running, the proposals submitted to this call should address the issues and gaps to bring all the scattered activities, technologies, platforms to a higher TRL level by addressing the technical, regulatory, compatibility and acceptability issues that at the moment block endorsement by pharma and hospitals:

  • Lack of accuracy (compared to clinical instruments)
  • Data integration (into the workflow of hospitals and pharma)
  • User friendliness (should be straightforward for non-technical staff and elderly)
  • Data security and Privacy (most hospitals don’t want to have data outside the hospital)
  • Patch to patch communication (how to prevent latency)

Deadline for the submission of the proposals is 30 September 2020.

For more information on the Call, please click here.