Important ECSEL JU Call 2020 updates

30 Apr 2020

The Work Plan 2020 has been updated as follows:

  • With information on the thresholds for the PO stage (stage 1) evaluations of the ECSEL-2020-1-IA and ECSEL-2020-2-RIA Calls
    • Due to the challenging circumstances related to COVID-19 pandemic, the Governing Board and the Public Authorities Board of ECSEL JU  have jointly decided on measures to minimize the impact on the stage 1 (PO stage) of the ECSEL IA and RIA calls 2020. The evaluation of the proposals submitted to stage 1 will be performed without thresholds (set to zero). The evaluation process will be conducted by experts applying the usual procedures. Therefore, there will be no selection.
  • With information on the opening date and closure/deadline of the ECSEL-2020-3-IMI-Joint Activity Call
  • With corrections for eligibility conditions Spain (clarification regarding AEI funding

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