EURIPIDES²/ PENTA 2020 Joint Call receives 32 Project Outlines

06 Mar 2020
The Project Outline submissions for the EURIPIDES²/ PENTA 2020 Joint Call are closed.

Thank you for all of your great contributions!

32 Project Outlines

More than 320 partners

18 countries involved

Guided by the updated Electronic Components & Systems Strategic Research Agenda, the 2020 Joint Call aimed at further stimulating collaborative industrial innovation across a larger cross section of the ECS value chain.

“Launching the last call doubled the number of projects submitted from previous PENTA Calls, with approximately a 50% increase in budget. This is a clear example of the efficiency and synergies created when the Electronics Components and Systems community, Public and Private, works more closely together”, states Peter Connock, PENTA Director.

“Our synchronized call for EURIPIDES and PENTA was a success in 2019.  An increased number of partners from a broader range of countries had seized this 2019 call opportunity. This is a powerful demonstration that we were right to join forces and simplify the journey to nationally funded collaborative innovation. We thank all partners involved as their commitment strengthened our impact. It also confirms the approach and I do believe that our new 2020 call will even better serve our communities and thereby rejuvenate the vital cooperation of EUREKA countries and their industry in Europe and beyond.” states Jochen Langheim, EURIPIDES² Chairman.