ECSEL Luxembourg Info Session

13 Feb 2020

Caroline Bedran, Director General of AENEAS, has given a presentation at the ECSEL Luxembourg Info Session on 13 February, in which she explains the role of Industry Associations in supporting private partnerships in joining the ECSEL Calls.

This presentation included an overview of how the three industry Associations (AENEAS, ARTEMIS and EPoSS) are continuing to work together in order to help the Electronic Components and Systems community in its RD&I activities.

The main missions for the year 2019-2020 outlined below, were also discussed in detail:

  1. Strengthening the European ECS ecosystem, facilitating networking & collaboration
  2. Representing the interests of the ECS community in ECSEL and in EUREKA
  3. Shaping the future of KDT under Horizon Europe and of the EUREKA Clusters
  4. Co-designing with the European Commission and National Public Authorities 3 Industry Associations working together to help the ECS community in its RD&I activities

You can now view the full presentation that was given here.