ECSEL JU open Calls for Proposals for 2020

05 Feb 2020

ECSEL JU has announced the opening of 3 concurrent Calls for proposals for 2020.

These calls will include one for “Innovation Actions” (ECSEL-IA), one for “Research and Innovation Actions” (ECSEL-RIA), and one for an ECSEL-JU Coordination and Support Action (CSA). The technical topics for the Calls follow the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan for 2020, derived from the recently updated ECS Strategic Research Agenda published by the three Industry Associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS, representing the industrial and academic Electronic Components and Systems research community in Europe.

In particular, the ECSEL-CSA action focuses on Digital Excellence/semantic web hosting, offering a means to provide longer-term support to many projects’ results in the Industry4.0 domain and beyond. Additionally, a joint activity call with the IMI JU (Innovative Medicine Initiative Joint Undertaking) is planned, focusing on the new generation digital technologies for clinical trials at home. This call is being prepared and more information, as well as the opening date for this Call, will be published soon. The ECSEL JU funding budget for these Calls (which is part of the EU’s H2020 programme) is 163 M€.

Matched with a roughly equal amount of funding from the ECSEL Participating States and the investment made by the participants themselves, these Calls represent an additional potential R&I investment of around 700 M€, adding to the 4.05 B€ already realised by the programme. ECSEL JU Executive Director Bert De Colvenaer calls to mind that “…the Calls in 2020 are the last for the ECSEL JU, rounding off a very successful program for the whole ECS sector. We call upon our partners to once again pull together all their experience and new, challenging ideas for this last opportunity.

By December this year, we will know those who are successful …. As for next year, we all are looking forward to a new successor program to ECSEL under the European R&I program ‘Horizon Europe’”. The ECSEL JU Programme is open to any organisation meeting the specific eligibility criteria relevant in each ECSEL Participating State and/or eligible to participate in the H2020 Programme.

For more information on the Calls, please click here.

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