New 2020 Draft of the ECS-SRA

08 Nov 2019

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Based on analysis of the major applications fields where Europe must maintain and/or develop its leadership, and of the current and foreseeable technology capabilities, the ECS-SRA aims to identify the main focus areas for research and innovation in Europe in its field. To fulfil this mission, it must reflect the dynamics of our industry, characterised by continual technology advances and new applications being invented at an ever-increasing pace. Therefore, this cannot be a static document, and it will continue to evolve – with reviews every year and a major update every three years. This continuous process will enable all ECS stakeholders to be constantly aware of new emerging technologies, potential game-changers and the evolving long-term vision of the industry.After the initial 2018 edition and a minor revision in 2019, the ECS-SRA has undergone its second update this year. This document summarises the changes/updates made to the 2019 edition that have resulted in the 2020 update.

More on the complete document here.

Please find the complete programme of the ECS-SRA workshops at EFECSon 20 November here.