AENEAS Membership Growth Drives Innovation

24 Oct 2019

Paris, 24 October 2019– Now with over 300 members from more than 27 countries, AENEAS is a leading driver of the innovation ecosystem that creates solutions to societal, environmental and economic challenges. Serving the rapidly growing community in the Electronics Components & Systems (ECS) value chain, AENEAS enables the formation of collaborative projects that extend the industrial state-of-the art and create economic growth in both the organisations and countries that are involved.

All elements of the innovation ecosystem: Large Enterprises, SMEs, Research Institutes and Universities, are welcome as AENEAS members, and it is by bringing them together in funded project consortia that true leaps in innovation are enabled.

“It is our members that drive our success” says Caroline Bedran, AENEAS Director General. “By understanding their needs, we can use our position in the funding landscape to help influence the creation of programmes closely matched to the needs of the rapidly growing ECS Community”.

Networking for Innovation

AENEAS aims at removing barriers, fostering innovation, cross-fertilisation and stimulating the creation of cutting-edge RD&I consortia. The diversity of its members along the ECS value chain has been instrumental in allowing AENAS to stimulate and support ground-breaking projects from chips to end-users. The diversity of its members applications domains has also strongly contributed to the definition of the pan-European Strategic Research Agenda on ECS and supports the competitiveness of the European ECS industry, essential for Europe’s continued leadership in today’s digital economy.

Membership in AENEAS has proved to be important for SMEs in helping them meet new technology and business partners, gain international visibility together with recognition from Large Enterprises, thanks to their participation in collaborative projects. To stimulate innovation and consortia creation, AENEAS organises and co-organises networking and brokerage event such as EFECS which bring together all ECS stakeholders. It also co-hosts an open collaborative platform “the ECS Collaboration Tool” – an online networking tool for project ideas and potential partners.

Funding for Innovation

In order to bring high quality innovations to market quickly and efficiently, AENEAS is committed to helping its members and project participants access funding by using various instruments (e.g. ECSEL, EUREKA). Dedicated to shaping digital innovation, AENEAS represents its members in the ECSEL Joint Undertaking, the Public-Private-Partnership which funds key RD&I projects throughout the ECS value chain. AENEAS also operates two EUREKA-funded programmes, PENTA and CATRENE, and supports partners throughout the lifecycle of their project.

Collaboration for growth

AENEAS offers participation in a dynamic ecosystem that promotes collaborative innovation, transforms businesses and drives growth, with a real impact on society at large. With shorter time-to-market and commercialisation of novel ideas – including products, services and new business models – projects succeed, exports increase, and growth accelerates. By sharing risks and RD&I costs, AENEA’s mission is to bring talented people together to speed up the rollout of innovations that will have the greatest economic and social benefits for Europe.

Shaping the funding landscape

AENEAS represent its members and promotes their Strategic Research Agenda in front of the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as in its relations with national and regional Public Authorities. Through position papers, meetings and events, AENEAS and its industry members reach out to policy makers. As a member of the ECSEL Private Member Board, AENEAS participates in the Governing Board of ECSEL, together with the European Commission and the funding States. AENEAS is also deeply involved in the management of EUREKA Clusters, through an active dialogue with other Clusters as well as the funding authorities.

Caroline Bedran, AENEAS Director General, welcomes here Frank de Jong, Director Strategic Partnerships

in Thermo Fischer Scientific, as a new member of AENEAS.


To learn more about the benefits of AENEAS membership, visit AENEAS membership benefits webpage.


AENEAS is an Industry Association, established in 2006. The purpose of the association is to promote Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) in order to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry across the complete Electronics Components and Systems (ECS) value chain. AENEAS provides unparalleled networking opportunities, policy influence & supported access to funding to all types of RD&I participants in the field of micro and nanoelectronics enabled components and systems, and its applications. Member of ECSEL JU, AENEAS is also operating two EUREKA funded programmes, PENTA and CATRENE.