AENEAS support for SMEs in collaborative innovation projects

03 Jul 2019

What are the benefits for SMEs to be part of international RD&I collaborative projects?

Alain Jarre, CEO of RECIF an innovative SME argues for even more involvement of SMEs in collaborative projects and testifies AENEAS strong support to SMEs.

“The job done by Aeneas is crucial. Crucial because we need to collect all the industries in one place, make sure the environment is well organised in which we could exchange. Thanks to Aeneas and its partners, collaborative RD&I project consortia include a high proportion of SMEs who benefit strongly from partnerships with large enterprises, other SMEs, research institutes and universities

Alain Jarre also argues that that the benefits for being in a project are very clear. The first thing, as an SME, you become visible in the European Ecosystem. And the second benefit is that you share the risk, the roadmap, the cost and your are exposed to all the partners that you may have in Europe. So you start to much more exchange with European partners and bottom line, at the end of the scope, you should be or you are funded for part of your job.

The ECS brokerage event  co-organised by AENEAS is said to be the place in which participants start to discuss with companies, create some opportunities, some new ideas coming up. “This is the value of collaborative, you are doing things you were not knowing  the existence before” add Alain Jarre. He also highlighted “We ran a first programme from 2012 to 2015, we gained a huge visibility in the European Ecosystem. And  there are many companies, SMEs or large corporations that came to us saying ‘ We want to co-work with you, what you are doing is great’. For now 3 years, we are having a compound growth over 50% per year.”

Discover the opportunities AENEAS offers to meet potential technology & business partners in the following video: