PENTA & EURIPIDES² announce 2020 Synchronised Call

09 May 2019
Paris, 9 May 2019- PENTA and EURIPIDES²: EUREKA Clusters Enabling the Digital Economy.

After the success of the 2019 joint initiative, two EUREKA-funded Clusters dedicated to collaborative industrial innovation – EURIPIDES² and PENTA – are joining forces again to launch a second synchronised call.

With 25 project proposals submitted, catalysing 232M€ of potential investment, the participation of 16 countries and 42% SME participation; the EURIPIDES² / PENTA Synchronised Call exceeded all expectations at the Project Outline stage. Moreover, 8 of the 25 proposals are led by SMEs for whom participation in such collaborative innovation projects facilitates access to large companies, research organisations and universities. All participants in EUREKA Cluster projects benefit from access to new innovative ideas, shared costs and risks and faster time-to-market for new RD&I products and services through the formation of value chain ecosystems.

The 2019 synchronised call has seen new developments for PENTA & EURIPIDES² with participation from the UK, a new funding country, and a project featuring a Canadian project leader. Most importantly, this call has offered the opportunity to bring together partners from a broader range of countries : Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

Guided by the updated Electronic Components & Systems Strategic Research Agenda, the 2020 synchronised Call aims at further stimulating collaborative industrial innovation across a larger cross section of the ECS value chain.

“Launching the synchronised call doubled the number of projects submitted from previous PENTA Calls, with approximately a 50% increase in budget. This is a clear example of the efficiency and synergies created when the Electronics Components and Systems community, Public and Private, works more closely together”, stated Peter Connock, PENTA Director.

“Our synchronized call EURIPIDES/PENTA was a success in 2019.  An increased number of partners from a broader range of countries have seized this 2019 call opportunity. This is a powerful demonstration that we were right to join forces and simplify the journey to nationally funded collaborative innovation. We thank all partners involved as their commitment strengthened our impact. It also confirms the approach and … Yes, we will do it again in 2020 and I do believe that the new 2020 call will even better serve our communities and thereby rejuvenate the vital cooperation of EUREKA countries and their industry in Europe and beyond.” states Jochen Langheim, EURIPIDES² Chairman.


About the PENTA programme (managed by the AENEAS Industrial Association)

PENTA is a EUREKA cluster whose purpose is to catalyse research, development and innovation in areas of micro and nanoelectronics enabled systems and applications – where there is shared national and industrial interest. Based on 5 key application areas and 5 key capabilities of the Electronics Components and Systems Strategic Research Area (ECS-SRA) for its fifth Call, PENTA programme contributes to the development of electronic solutions with the opportunity for rapid competitive exploitation and a strong impact on European societal challenges. The PENTA project team is supporting SMEs, large corporations, research organisations and universities by facilitating access to funding, fostering collaborative work and creating consortia.

PENTA is managed by AENEAS, the nano- and microelectronics Industry Association

About PENTA:




EURIPIDES² is a EUREKA Cluster promoting the generation of innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Smart Electronic Systems. EURIPIDES² is the innovation hub for smart sensors, smart power modules, electronic hardware platforms and more generally electronic product integration and embedded systems for automotive, aeronautics and space, security, medical electronics, smart everywhere (cities, home, wearable) and industrial electronics. EURIPIDES² facilitates access to national funding in Europe and beyond. As a EUREKA Cluster, the network is open to participants worldwide.