EPoSS Annual Forum 2019

15 - 17 Oct 2019

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IK4 Research Alliance is looking forward to welcoming EPoSS in San Sebastian, Spain from 15 to 17 October, 2019.

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The European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration – EPoSS – holds its Annual Forum 2019 in San Sebastián, Spain on 16-17 October 2019.

In this year’s Annual Forum titled MiSSIon Smart Systems the key topics are targeting automated and sustainable production of and by Smart Integrated Systems. The event is hosted and co-organised by the EPoSS member IK4 Research Alliance, as represented by Ikerlan.

Participation in the EPoSS Annual Forum is free of charge for EPoSS members, submitters of presentations and invited speakers.


For details on the programme, please download the agenda in the download section as given below.

To download the presentations of the event please follow the link (available only for registered participants of the EPoSS Annual Forum 2019).

EPoSS Start-Up award

Within the scope of EPoSS Annual Forum 2019, a contest for young (Spanish) Start-ups and innovators, will take place on 17 October, 13:45-16:00. Under the working title “EPoSS Start-up Award”, the presenters will introduce their innovations (at early or mature stages of development), concepts, ideas or business cases. The pitches will have to target Smart Systems technologies for a variety of applications areas such as Manufacture, Energy, Mobility, Flexible Electronics, Wearables, Food, Water, and Agriculture.

Furthermore, the pitches will be observed by the jury, consisting of EPoSS experts from industry and research as well as national funding organisations. The jury will have a dual role for all the contestants – on the one side, it will act as mentor and provide valuable advice on how to improve concepts and business. On the other side, the jury will have a role of a potential business partner, choosing and acknowledging the most innovative and promising idea.

The contest will be moderated by Eduardo Castellano from the Faculty of Business of the Mondragon University.