EURIPIDES² and AENEAS – Together for Digital Competitiveness

11 Oct 2018

EURIPIDES² and AENEAS Strengthen Cooperation to Foster Europe’s Long-Term Competitiveness in the Digital World

Paris, 11 October 2018 – EURIPIDES², the EUREKA Cluster on packaging and integration of micro-devices and smart electronic systems, and AENEAS, the Industry Association that operates PENTA, the EUREKA Cluster on micro- and nano-electronics enabled systems and applications, today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which aims to reinforce cooperation between the two partners.

Under this agreement, EURIPIDES² and AENEAS will stimulate joint activities, enlarge the scope of funding possibilities for collaborative research, development and innovation (RD&I) and pave the way for the future of EUREKA clusters beyond 2020.

As digitisation gathers momentum on global scale, collaborative innovation across the entire electronics components and systems (ECS) value chain becomes crucial for Europe’s competitiveness and prosperity. Through their closer cooperation, EURIPIDES² and AENEAS/PENTA will strengthen the support they provide to ecosystems addressing the new applications and industrial challenges of digitisation. Furthermore, both programmes share the same reference to the ECS Strategic Research Agenda (ECS-SRA), issued by the three industrial associations: AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS.

While maintaining their respective ecosystems and communities as separate entities, the two partners will strengthen the efficiency of their programmes focused on nano- and microelectronics-enabled systems and smart systems integration, for applications including transport & mobility, health care, digital life, energy and digital manufacturing. As a first step, EURIPIDES² and PENTA have already decided to launch a synchronised call for projects in 2019 using the AENEAS/PENTA submission platform, thus simplifying the submission process for companies, particularly SMEs.

Moreover, the MoU intends to prepare the ground for the future of both programmes beyond 2020, providing a catalyst for continuous generation of innovative, industry-driven and pre-competitive RD&I projects.

“To build long-term competitiveness and sustain economic growth, we need strong collaborative ecosystems across the electronics value chain. Our closer partnership with EURIPIDES will foster knowledge sharing and collaborative innovation among large companies, SMEs, research organizations and academia and help to build a digital future for Europe,” said Reinhard Ploss, AENEAS President.

“Through this deeper cooperation, EURIPIDES² and AENEAS are committing to Europe’s digital future and its strategic ability to lead in the global electronics value chain,” said Dr. Jochen Langheim, Chairman of EURIPIDES². “By maximizing the strengths of Europe’s world-class RD&I institutes, equipment and electronic systems businesses and semiconductor/electronic manufacturers, and by increasing collaboration among both communities, Europe can secure its position of leading supplier of sustainable, innovative solutions for the digital world.”

AENEAS is an Industry Association, established in 2006. The purpose of the association is to promote Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) in order to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry across the complete Electronics Components and Systems (ECS) value chain. Member of ECSEL JU, AENEAS is also managing two funded EUREKA programmes, PENTA and CATRENE.About EURIPIDES²

EURIPIDES² is a EUREKA Cluster promoting the generation of innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Smart Electronic Systems Integration. EURIPIDES² is the innovation hub for smart sensors, smart power modules, electronic hardware platforms and more generally electronic product integration and embedded systems for automotive, aeronautics and space, security, medical electronics, smart everywhere (cities, home, wearable) and industrial electronics. EURIPIDES² facilitates access to national funding in Europe and beyond. As a EUREKA Cluster, the network is open to participants worldwide.