MASTER_3D wins EUREKA Innovation Award 2018

23 May 2018

Paris, 23 May 2018 – MASTER_3D is one of the proud winners of a EUREKA Innovation Award 2018. This research and development CATRENE project, aiming to transform production of 3D integrated circuits (ICs) through competitive processes and methods, was awarded first place in the ‘Successful SME-large corporation collaboration’ category.

The panel of EUREKA National Project Coordinators from Spain, Finland and the UK, set up to select the winners, chose MASTER_3D as an outstanding example of cooperation along the entire supply chain. It brought together the four main European semiconductor manufacturers with nine equipment and solutions suppliers, including five SMEs, and four research institutes. Together, the partners covered the full range of expertise and skills necessary for 3D manufacturing.

Social and economic impact are key criteria for the award. Here, MASTER_3D stood out on several counts. Firstly, it has enabled entry into new markets across multiple sectors. Secondly, it has helped secure European jobs. Thirdly, it has ensured that Europe has opportunities in strongly growing markets such as photonics, Internet of Things (IoT) and energy. 3D Integrated Circuits can combine low energy consumption with high performance in small devices for applications in smart energy, smart mobility, smart health and smart industry.

The EUREKA Innovation Awards were announced on 23 May 2018 during the EUREKA Innovation Days 2018 Finland (22-24 May 2018). Representatives of the winning projects in each of the three categories (Competitiveness & Growth, Successful SME-large corporation collaboration, Innovations of Tomorrow) had the chance to present their work to the audience. In addition, each project received 6000 Euros, plus promotional support and the right to use a EUREKA Award Winner logo.

The EUREKA Innovation Days themselves provide opportunities for networking and initiating collaborations with businesses and research organisations from Europe and beyond. Participants can catch up on the latest developments in their field, pitch ideas and meet representatives of EUREKA clusters and European innovation funding programmes.


CATRENE project MASTER_3D receives the EUREKA Innovation Award from Tuomo Suntola, Millennium Prize Award Winner

MASTER_3D was a CATRENE project, part of the EUREKA cluster for micro- and nano-electronics, which ran from 2008 to the end of 2015. The CATRENE programme focused on delivering solutions that would respond to Europe’s social needs, while strengthening economic prosperity and Europe’s ability to compete at global level.

Today, AENEAS manages on-going projects from the CATRENE cluster as well as the PENTA programme, the current EUREKA cluster for micro- and nano-electronics enabled systems and applications. There will be a dedicated session for the EURIPIDES² & PENTA community at the EUREKA Innovation Days 2018 on 24 May 2018.


CATRENE is a EUREKA cluster programme managed by AENEAS. It was created in 2008 and focused on micro and nanoelectronics research and innovation, which aims at achieving Technological Leadership for a competitive European ICT industry. It is based on the ambition of European countries, in partnership with European companies, to jointly deliver nano- and microelectronics-based solutions that respond to the needs of society at large, improve the economic prosperity of Europe and reinforce the ability of its industry to be at the forefront of global competition.

After 10 years of operation, 8 calls and 51 completed or running projects involving SMEs, large corporations, research institutions and universities, CATRENE has, and still is, demonstrating great impact on societal challenges while promoting European economic development in this vital area.



About MASTER_3D project

MASTER_3D is an RD&I project consortium involving 17 European partners from 3 countries. The project MASTER_3D aims at reaching excellence in 3D IC production by developing and implementing methods to enable competitive manufacturing considering especially process and equipment innovations, metrology, testing as well as yield. The project partners are STMicroelectronics (project leader), ALES, ams AG, AXO, CEA-LETI, CNRS LIRMM, EVG, FhG (IMWS, IKTS-MD, IZM-ASSID), Fogale (now Unity SC), IMS Bordeaux, Infineon, Sentronics Metrology, NXP, PVA TePla, QUALTERA SAS, Rockwood Wafer Reclaim SAS (now Optim Wafer Services) and SPTS Technologies SAS. National funding support is provided by Austria, France and Germany.