Innovation Award 2017 won by CATRENE Project MobiTrust

07 Dec 2017

CATRENE Project MobiTrust wins 2017 Innovation Award

Paris, 7 December 2017 – MobiTrust wins the 2017 CATRENE Innovation Award! MobiTrust project provides solutions to enhance data security and privacy protection on the mobile internet and mobile devices.

Addressing security and privacy issues facing the tremendous evolution of mobile devices (more than 5 billion expected in 2019), the MobiTrust project has received the 2017 CATRENE Innovation Award. This award was presented on December 7th December at the European Forum for Electronic and Components and Systems Forum (EFECS) in Brussels.

Credit: Simon Pugh Photography

MobiTrust addresses a major new challenge related to the explosion of potential threats linked to the risks associated with security and protection of private and professional user data. According to the main security players, there is a high risk that mobile devices will be greatly exposed to massive attacks against mobile devices, cloud-infrastructure and voice over internet protocol.

The key objective of MobiTrust project is to develop a complete and extensive embedded framework – hardware and software mechanisms and HW/SW forensics tools – aimed at enhancing security and privacy-protection of future mobile platforms, like smartphones and tablets running on open platforms. This solution offers multiple applications. Public protection entities can use it as a Public Protection Disaster Relief (PPDR) system based on 4G and 5G, without requiring dedicated hardware. Exchange of videos and other advanced communication means are possible, potentially saving lives, while keeping communications secure against intruders or outside listeners. Moreover, this system makes it easy for regular users to implement security, for example by encrypting documents on their mobile phone using an NFC bracelet for authentication.

The Franco-Portuguese project calls for a unique combination of expertise between European companies, including SMEs, who are key players with extensive knowledge of market requirementsand security constraints. It will help European industry maintain its leadership in some high-value business areas – such as mobile/wireless chipsets, Trusted Execution Environment, Secure Element and near-field communication (NFC) applications – by taking key positions in all business areas wheresecurity requirements are becoming of utmost importance.Started in December 2014, the CATRENE MobiTrust project ended November 30th, 2017.More information on the project is available at and on the project website:



With a history that dates back to 2004, the CATRENE Innovation Award was bestowed each year during the European Nanoelectronics Forum and this year during EFECS, an event co-organised by AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA, EPoSS, ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the European Commission who joined forces to bring all stakeholders together with 2017 focus on ‘Our Digital Future’. To win the award, the project must have recently ended or be running in the CATRENE programme, demonstrate a high level of innovation, market impact, exploitation potential and overall benefits for Europe. The winner of the award is chosen by a group of technical experts after a selection process.



CATRENE is a EUREKA cluster created in 2008 and focussed on micro and nanoelectronics research and innovation, which aims at achieving technological leadership for a competitive European ICT industry. It is based on the ambition of European countries, in partnership with European companies, to jointly deliver nano- and microelectronics solutions that respond to the needs of society at large, improve the economic prosperity of Europe and reinforce the ability of its industry to be at the forefront of the global competition. After 7 years of operation, more than 8 calls and 39 complete and still running programmes, CATRENE projects involving SMEs, large corporations, research institutions and universities havedemonstrated, and are demonstrating great impact on societal challenges while promoting European economic development in this vital area.