ENI2 – Establishing Technology Roadmaps for Cooperative R&D Projects

21 Jan 2013

Paris, January 21, 2013 – AENEAS, the association bringing together European R&D players in nanoelectronics, announced today the launch of ENI2, a new initiative designed to create mid- and long-term technology roadmaps for cooperative R&D projects in nanoelectronics.

ENI2 (European Nanoelectronics Infrastructure for Innovation) members include academia, research institutes, multinationals and SMEs from 15 European countries. It will help to optimize the efforts, time and funds spent on R&D projects at international level, mainly by aligning the technological needs and roadmaps for nanoelectronics between industrial and academic partners within a long-term perspective. This will also contribute to the exploitation of results obtained by academic institutes and universities.

The ENI2 Technology Roadmaps will initially focus on the following 5 areas:

  • Advanced CMOS (Set Top Box, Smartphones, HPC, mini-servers);
  • Smart Energy (smart grid, electrical cars);
  • Smart sensors (Internet of things, e-health);
  • Heterogeneous integration to offer greater functionality at lower cost;
  • Novel semiconductor equipment and manufacturing processes.

The roadmaps will span over periods of 3 to 9 years.

“Today, with R&D becoming increasingly expensive and complex, ENI2 will contribute to a more efficient exploitation of strengths and infrastructure available throughout Europe. In this way, it will facilitate the transfer of research results from academia and research institutes to industry including SMEs”, declared Marcel Annegarn, Director General of AENEAS. “ENI2 technology roadmaps will help to improve the efficiency of nanoelectronics R&D in Europe”.

The first progress report on ENI2 is expected during the first trimester of 2013.



The Association for European Nanoelectronics Activities (AENEAS) is a non-profit association established in 2006. It federates European R&D players: large companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and research organisations.

AENEAS represents the R&D actors in the ENIAC Joint Undertaking contributing to two thirds of its operational budget. The ENIAC Joint Undertaking is the leading instrument that funds European R&D activities in nanoelectronics.


For more details about ENI2 and its objectives, please contact:

Christine Plissonneau

AENEAS Communication Manager




Gilles Casanova

ENI2 Chair




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