Published on 02 Mar 2017

Vacancy: AENEAS Communication Director (Paris)


AENEAS is an Industrial Association for Research, Development & Innovation in electronics, which is collaborating with its members, National governments, and the European Commission.



As the AENEAS Communication Director, you will define and implement an internal and external communication plan (objectives, messages, targets and tools) in line with the Association’s overall strategy. For this plan, the Communication Director will understand the needs of each targeted segment to develop objectives, relevant communication actions and solutions for each. A constant flow of information on the Association’s ambitions, successes, and overall activities with its stakeholders, including the Press, through public relations, web and social media, publications and events will be required.

You will be an important part of the Management Team and ensure the coherence of AENEAS’ image, identity and values. The successful candidate will lead a small team, actively participate in management meetings and will be responsible for the allocated budget. As an ambassador, you may be asked to represent the Association on various occasions.


Strengths and Experience:

At least 10 years of experience in the field of Communication acquired within an organisation (association, company, agency…) which allowed you to work with a wide range of contacts.

You are bilingual English and French (written and oral). 

Above all you are looking for a role in which, from the communication strategy to the operational, the relational dimension is paramount.

To apply:

The position of AENEAS Communication Director is a permanent position based in Paris. To apply, please submit a CV and, above all, a few lines explaining why you are interested in this job offer (in English and in French please) to

 All applicants will receive a response to their application, guaranteeing the confidentiality of all exchanges.