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The first AENEAS Consortium Building Days results in 49 project ideas

With more than 200 attendees, the AENEAS Consortium Building Days have resulted in some 49 project ideas spanning along the ECS value chain.

Organised around the nine chapters of the AENEAS Strategic Agenda, the main objectives of the event were to facilitate the creation of new project ideas, to provide information on the various funding instruments available to the community and to encourage networking along the ECS value chain. 



The ‘tool agnostic’ element of the event, organised independent of the potential funding instrument, was reportedly well appreciated by the participants who could meet new potential partners, outside of their own network.


To make sure that the project ideas continue to grow, AENEAS also launched ACT: an online collaboration tool allowing open consortium building, independent of the potential funding instrument. ACT will allow the R&D&I community of the ECS value chain to set up project teams, invite partners, exchange messages and showcase capability through a messaging system. Once the project team is ready to present its idea, it can be extracted and submitted to the funding instrument that best suits its requirements.


ACT can be accessed through the AENEAS website, and requires registration and the completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to take full advantage of its capabilities.


AENEAS is committed to helping the creation of R&D&I consortia with the intent of strengthening Europe’s position along the Electronic Components and Systems Value Chain. This requires the combination of innovation and ideas from academia, the SME sector and larger companies.


If you participated in CBD2016 and would like to provide some feedback, please send an email to cbd2016@aeneas-office.org.

Your input is very important to build successful future events.

Pitch sessions leaders


Pitch session leader

1.Automotive and Transport
Patrick Pype

2.Connectivity and Digital Networks
Rudi Lannoo

3.Energy Efficiency
Wolfgang Dettmann

4.Health and the Ageing Society
Peter Zandbergen

5.Safety and Security
François Tuot

6.Design Technologies
Jürgen Haase

7.Process Technology and Integration
Jo de Boeck
Anne van den Bosch

8.Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing
Rainer Pforr

9.Production Technologies
Knut Hufeld





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