Declaration of Acceptance

The Private Members (AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS) of the ECSEL Governing Board finance 50% of the ECSEL JU operational costs.

As a result, AENEAS asks for a contribution from the ENIAC/ECSEL JU project partners in order to sustain the funding mechanism. These contributions are solicited as a Variable Contribution based on a percentage of the requested maximum eligible funding for projects selected by the JU.

Without the Variable Contributions, AENEAS would not be able to finance its part in the JU and the JU - together with the funded projects - could not continue.

AENEAS considers that having paying projects partners and non-paying projects partners as unfair. Under such circumstances, the paying partners are ultimately financing those who are not registered with AENEAS.

It is therefore kindly requested that all companies, institutes and universities participating in an ENIAC/ECSEL JU project pay Variable Contributions.

The ideal choice is to become an AENEAS member. However, for those who do not wish to become AENEAS members, an alternative has been created to be able to contribute only the variable fees. This is called the "Declaration of Acceptance”.