Vacancy in AENEAS, Paris, France- PENTA/Xecs Programme Director

07 Apr 2021

AENEAS, an industry association established in 2006, aims at promoting RD&I to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry across the complete Electronics Components and Systems (ECS) value chain and more specifically in the field of in the field of micro and nanoelectronics enabled components and systems.

The PENTA/Xecs Programme Director will lead AENEAS activities related to the implementation and management of collaborative instruments that are the responsibility of the Association. Currently, these comprise the Eureka programmes Xecs, PENTA and Euripides². The PENTA/Xecs Programme Director will also be required to work closely with the Eureka organisation, public authorities that support collaborative funding and other funding instruments under the Eureka umbrella.
In addition, the PENTA/Xecs Programme Director will support the AENEAS Director General as required in the overall management of the Association. The PENTA/Xecs Programme Director manages the PENTA/Xecs team and reports to the AENEAS Director General.

While being focussed on managing the PENTA/Xecs programme, the role also requires co-operative activity in several areas:


Creation and implementation of the overall programme
▪ Including all processes, IT system, database management, etc.
▪ Drive continuous improvement in all activities

Call Management
▪ Call definition and planning
▪ Brokerage activities
▪ Project submission, evaluation and monitoring
▪ Impact evaluation

Community Engagement
▪ Engagement with all stakeholders of the ECS Community (large enterprises, SME’s, RTO’s & academic institutions) to maximise inclusivity, relevance and engagement with the programme

Public Authority Engagement
▪ Strategic & tactical management of public authority partnerships to maximise their support of Xecs
Responsibility for the contact database of project participants and public authorities representatives

Programme Communications
▪ Liaise with the AENEAS Communications Director as needed for all activities (events, website, call & programme promotion, webinars …)
▪ Align with Eureka and other Clusters as required

Financial management of the programmes
▪ Overall programme Profit & Loss
▪ Invoicing support to the AENEAS administrative team


▪  Positioning of Xecs in the overall Eureka Cluster Programme (ECP) to best serve the needs of the community
▪  Full engagement in the governance bodies of the ECP, participating in the Clusters Committee Support Group and providing support to the industrial representative in the Cluster Coordinating Function (CCF)
▪  Full participation in the Inter-Cluster Operations Group
▪  Fulfilling reporting requirements as needed
▪  Attendance at meetings & events


▪ Management of the PENTA/Xecs team
▪ Support to the AENEAS Director General as required (e.g., strategic brainstorm, preparation of MC meetings and communication actions, etc.)
▪ Teamwork with the other services, i.e. Administration and Communication
▪ Information and reporting to the AENEAS Management Committee during the regular meetings with the AENEAS Office.

Necessary skills

– Fluid in English (additional language like French, German, Dutch helpful)
– Technical knowledge of the industrial landscape and the challenges relevant to the area of electronic components and systems
– Knowledge of national, intergovernmental and European research and development programmes, including EC and Eureka
– Understanding of EU and national policies and international activities
– Good communication skills, written and oral communication, diplomacy, negotiation, drive and teamwork
– Interest in strategic thinking.

Background and experience

– A level of education corresponding to completed university studies attested by a diploma
– Minimum 10 years of professional experience, preferably in the domain of electronic components and systems industry or adjacent industries (but not exclusively)
Terms & Conditions
The position is a full-time role, based in the AENEAS Office in Paris. The position will involve travelling, mostly in Europe.

How to apply:

Please send your Curriculum Vitae and covering letter to the Aeneas Office Manager, Cristina Predieri at by 15 May 2021

To download the full job description, please click here.