Release of the Study: “Emerging Technologies in ECS – Opportunities Ahead” carried out for the European Commission by DECISION Etudes & Conseil

10 Sep 2020

Interview of Olivier Coulon, Decision Etudes & Conseil: Main outcomes and recommendations of the Study “Emerging Technologies in ECS”, available here.

This Study presents a roadmap of the emerging technologies impacting the global electronic value chain:

            • Including the Micro-Nano Electronics (MNE) innovations but also emerging computing technologies in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Smart Systems end-user markets;
            • Including the key interaction between CPS and MNE innovations. A particular attention is paid to innovations in which co-design at nano-electronics and system level can create significant added-value;
            • Including technology maturity forecasts by 2030 but also potential economic market values by CPS application markets by 2023

To read the executive summary, click here.

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